Newbury Street Growing

Joins UR Business Network

The URBN sponsored Online Network continues to grow and with it their data rich multimedia delivery platform.

With launch of URBN Business Radio they are picking up momentum and new team members like us are surfacing everyday!

Newbury Street Boston is experiencing a renaissance; having faced and met the challenge to keep the area unique with boutique style shops in a high rent district when consumer strength for the 99% is in a weakened state. With the focus on the Seaport Innovation District and other trending neighborhoods Newbury Street has found its sea legs! Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week are among the reasons cited for Newbury Street’s resurgence. Newbury Street Boston adds one more layer of depth to URBN’s overall value to users, clients and vendor partners.

There are plans to announce Newbury Street Boston vendor partners and affiliate packages with the UR Business Network.

Newbury Street Boston is a commercial URBN Web Property focused on curating and aggregating information and resources for users and a component of our UR Business Network inbound marketing product.

UR Business Network’s web and social media components as well as the content development and data mining make URBN a structured multimedia entity with reach-frequency and true lead and business development capabilities.

The UR Business Network is not only an innovative radio presence; UR Business Network is a better option to the traditional marketing and advertising models which fail to fully deliver.

UR Business Network is a new communications platform for those who have an understanding of the next best thing!

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About Newbury Street

It runs roughly east-to-west, from the Boston Public Garden to Massachusetts Ave. The road crosses many major arteries along its path, with an entrance to the Mass Pike brownstones that contain hundreds of shops and restaurants, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals. The most expensive boutiques are located near the Boston Public Garden end of Newbury Street. The shops gradually become slightly less expensive and more bohemian toward Massachusetts Avenue. West of Mass Ave the street abuts the Mass Pike on its southern side, with no buildings to speak of; the northern side is mainly loading docks and garages of buildings fronted on Commonwealth Ave. A proposed, major decking project over the Pike in the area would reestablish the southern side of the road and expand the shopping district to Brookline Ave. westbound at Mass Ave. East of Mass Ave, it is lined with historic 19th-century

Newbury Street is an eclectic mix of shops in renovated brownstone buildings, with stores at all levels, — physically (basement, street level, and above), stylistically (elegant to shabby), and financially (affordable to upscale). It is touted as one the most expensive streets in the world.

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